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Committed to Excellence

Axis Dental partners with the best educational facilities in the country. Our relationships with organizations such as The Pankey Institute and The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies are part of what propels us to bring innovative products and techniques to their classrooms. We rely on these institutions’ expertise to communicate how our dental instruments perform and what we can do to exceed their expectations. With our combined knowledge and proficiency in the industry, Axis Dental remains on the cutting-edge of the marketplace.



The Las Vegas Institute

A premier teaching institution, The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is dedicated to delivering the finest in post-graduate education. For years Axis Dental and The Las Vegas Institute have worked together to bring the highest level of continuing education and innovative products to students and alumni. This combination of comprehensive teaching along with business course offerings give dentists the skills needed to transform their practice.

Logic sets recommended/required: LS-7541, LS-7560


The Pankey Institute

Committed to focusing on individual students and creating a real impact on the profession of dentistry, The Pankey Institute creates engaging educational experiences that teach both the technical and practical sides of dentistry. In partnership with The Pankey Institute, Axis Dental supplies the institute with high-quality dental products and instruments, so that students and graduates of The Pankey Institute take the knowledge that they gain to increase their productivity and enhance their future practices.